The Road to Nowhere….


And here I am.  Three and a half years later I’m still working on the second and third portions of The Essence series.  They have actually been “complete” for a while, but I haven’t taken the time or made any special effort to get them off the draft screens and onto the market.  Life happens.  I still haven’t even made any real efforts in marketing the first book of the series yet.  If one hasn’t been to this site or accidentally entered the exact title of the book into your search box on Amazon, you’ve likely never heard of it.

Self-publishing has its rewards, but it also has many more downfalls.  Traditional publishing means that some big-named editor at a big publisher thinks that your work is good enough to publish and present to the public under their name.  This not only means instant exposure, but also means that you have a reputable party standing behind your work.  Readers are more willing to just jump on your novel without thinking too much about what quality of work they’re going to end up with.  “Well, it’s published by this house, so it has to be good.”  While this is obviously faulty reasoning, you’d be surprised how many of us do it.  I’m guilty of it myself.  I’ve read some material from some pretty large publishing houses that have been some of the worst writing I’ve experienced. Of course, once you release a few good novels, your writing and reputation will begin to speak for itself.

I chose the self-publishing route because of my personality.  I don’t deal well with an entity that’s going to act as if they are doing me a favor by even considering my work.  Part of this may be my interpretation of my position in the matter, but I also believe that there is an element of truth to my views.  If I can publish work on my own and it gains enough attention to get published by someone else, whatever.  If they can convince me that I’d get enough in return I might let them publish it.  Or maybe I’d decide to start my own publishing company and begin publishing not only my work but also the work of others.  Dreams.

So what I began three years ago was precisely a road to nowhere.  At least, at this point.  Writing has been on the back-burner as of late, and I never plan on getting rich from writing.  I do enjoy it, and I have many other stories brewing in the back of my mind.  In the meantime, I’ll just have to finish up the ones that I’ve started.

Here’s a big tip for people considering writing.  Don’t announce a “series” until it actually becomes one.  While I’ve enjoyed writing The Essence series, I likely wouldn’t have continued past the first book, had I not announced it as a “series” from the beginning.  I think it’s a great story, but the new ideas that I have sound even better.  In my case it would have made more sense to complete the first book, continue on to other projects, and then work my way back to the series, had I ever felt the desire.  But it is what it is.  I hope those of you who take the time to give the first book a read enjoy it as much as I enjoyed coming up with the story.

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