Technology & The Price We Pay For It

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I’ve spent the last 10 or so years of my life observing, studying, and contemplating the vast changes that have occurred in Western society in the last 100 years.  The industrial age really sent capitalistic economies into full swing, and what followed was an explosion of different technologies over the decades that have made our lives easier and more enjoyable. 

I love tech.  As a child of the 80’s, personal computers were my fascination.  After being in the tech field for well over 20 years now, I’m starting to pay more attention to some of the negative effects technology can bring about.  Poor posture, faster visual deterioration, and overall poor lifestyle habits are just some of them.  It’s not just those tech people that suffer from ailments of technology either.  Everyone is under the grasp of technology in some form or other.  After delving into the overwhelming points that this topic can bring about, I thought, “Why not get the rest of the world involved?”

The Daily Grind

Most of us in the Western world do the same thing every day.  We wake in the morning, take a shower, take care of pets, kids, eat (sometimes), and then shuffle off to work.  After a long day at work, we come home, take care of pets and kids, eat too much or irresponsibly (usually), maybe have an hour or two for recreation (watching TV), then we go to bed.  The next day, we wake up and do it all over again.  For a large percentage of the Western world, this is life.  Doesn’t sound very exciting does it? 

There are so many things missing from our lives these days.  We don’t eat properly.  We don’t sleep enough.  Occurrences of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are way up.  We stress about things that shouldn’t be stressed about, and we aren’t paying enough attention to things in life that really matter.  Many don’t spend enough time with their children or themselves.  Yes – spending time with yourself is important!  Eating the proper foods and drinking the correct fluids in the proper amounts allows our bodies to repair itself, and it allows our organs to function properly.  Reflecting on our life allows us to recognize things that we can change and improve.  Our children deserve our upmost attention at all times.  How can we achieve all of these things, while at the same time, working 40 hour weeks or running our businesses?  It doesn’t seem easy, but we can try to stack the cards in our favor by working together and understanding what makes us humans tick.

We’ve taken a long journey…

In earlier centuries, we were all focused on one thing and one thing alone – survival.  We didn’t have time to worry about what outfit we were going to wear to work, which video game to buy, which movie to go to, or who was going to get the next promotion.  We were worried about farming enough food to store and survive the winter.  We didn’t care about how big our houses were or what brand of car we drove.  We worried about keeping our shelters sturdy enough to survive blizzard-force winds or getting the best bartering deal on animals to eat.  This is the mindset that we aren’t yet fully removed, and we’ve been introduced to a sudden influx of technology that has made our lives easy – too easy.  I wholeheartedly believe this is the crux of the modern-day decline in health, both mentally and physically.  We aren’t made for it.  We haven’t adjusted to it yet.  It’s all happened too quickly.

Are we as happy as we could be?

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Some people today are not happy.  They may function OK, provide OK, and they may laugh from time to time, but they aren’t TRULY happy.  Have you ever suffered a sudden feeling of dread and wondered what the hell it was all about?  Ever felt like there’s something that you should be doing and couldn’t figure out what it was?  Perhaps you just find yourself watching TV or playing a video game like a zombie wondering what else you might be able to do with your life?  How about anxiety and depression?  These are common human conditions today that plague our civilization.  Ironically, I believe that these type of disorders and general unhappiness is because of the awesome ‘human factor.’  We are capable of so much more than what much of the default modern life offers us.  Technology has made many of our lives too easy, and our emotional and physical states are paying the toll.  All of those centuries of being in survival mode has led to an explosion of technology that’s focused on making our lives easier and more enjoyable, at least in the short-term.  It makes sense, but at what cost? 

Change is coming

Do I have all of the answers?  Absolutely not!  Neither do you.  But together we will have MOST of the answers.  I want to learn from everyone what they think makes their lives better, and in upcoming posts I want to share with you MY experience and how I turned MY life around.  I want to create a centrally located point of discussion on how we can all improve our lives today.  There’s always room for improvement!

In conclusion, I LOVE technology in most of its forms, and I realize that tech isn’t the only bad guy causing lifestyle issues today.  In some cases technology provides positivity in our lives.  However, I believe there is a severe imbalance in the cost vs. benefit ratio.  Let’s turn that around!          

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