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I have a confession.  First of all, I need to take a break from the second book that I’m working on.  Second, Quantum Disclosure was originally published in March.  After a week of it being live (I hadn’t really done any marketing yet), a friend of mine notified me that I may want to have a look at the preview of the Book on Amazon.  I was appalled to find that what I uploaded was not what I intended the public to see.

It was an unedited (or, partially edited) version.  The Kindle formatting wasn’t even correct.  I panicked and pulled the book, but it was already in the hands of five individuals that likely thought that I was some type of crazy person.

When I was finishing my final version, I had many files saved in a particular folder.  Every time I would change a few things, I would save a new version.  I have saved files all the way back to the beginning of the writing process.  Anyway, I pushed the wrong file onto Amazon’s server and that was the result.  When I resubmitted the correct version (a few months later after making even more changes) it went live with a bad review.  Not a good way to start things off.

When you are dealing with large numbers of files, label them carefully and double-check everything that you do.  I always do this but after looking at the same document for months, it’s no wonder that I screwed up.  I won’t happen again.  I recommend labeling your document files with the day’s date, year first.  That way, they will also be in chronological order.

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