Conspiracy Theories – Chemtrails

Conspiracy Theories

But are they? I LOVE conspiracy theories. They push my imagination forward and force me to think about things that I normally wouldn’t think about. Some of them are a bit frightening, and some are just plain silly. Though, we all have to remember that truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. Just because something sounds strange or unusual – perhaps even downright unbelievable does NOT mean that it isn’t true. I have an open mind. I don’t believe that there is a whole lot that isn’t possible. Any given culture and the social structure within it (whichever applies to you) teaches us that certain things are possible and certain things are not. It is not until the ‘unbelievable’ happens, sometimes referred to as a ‘miracle’, or we are able to collect scientific or forensic evidence to support these ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas, do people start to look more closely.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.
William Arthur Ward

There are SO many conspiracy theories out there, there’s not really much point in trying to list them all. From extraterrestrial life having secret ties to NASA to secret elevators that take us instantly to Mars, there are some good ones out there. As can be seen, I’ve focused a lot on the dreams and ideas that revolve around space and science. But what about the ones that are a little more…possible?

Chemtrails (Chemical Trails)

I’d like to start with the theory of chemtrails. You’ve seen them. Look up in the sky on any clear day, and you are bound to find lines streaking the sky. I’ve seen these things since I was a kid, and I never really gave them much thought. Over the last few years, I’ve read that many people have questioned the cause of these anomalies. The formal, scientific explanation for these trails in the sky is that what we are seeing is condensation created by plane exhaust. Case closed. On to the next one…

Wait a minute. If these trails in the sky were caused by condensation, they would dissipate fairly quickly. Wouldn’t they? Have you ever seen your car exhaust on a really cold day? The condensation (steam) rises slowly from the rear of your exhaust and dissipates immediately in the cold air. This is the same type of exhaust the creates condensation trails in the sky. But what about when it’s really hot outside?

Well, the reason condensation trails are created to begin with is because the hot air from the exhaust meets the cold air outside. Up where these trails are formed, it’s pretty high up – about 25,000 to 30,000 feet. It doesn’t get hot up there. In fact, on the hottest summer days, it may be 30 degrees or colder up there. There’s no arguing that condensation trails are formed by planes, especially the ones that are at the highest altitudes. You can go outside in the winter and duplicate this same reaction with your own breath. But condensation dissipates quickly, usually within a few seconds. You’ll usually be able to see the trail disappearing a short distance behind the plane as it’s moving forward. It’s actually pretty cool looking.

But what about the trails that hang there for minutes? How about hours? You know, like about 95% of the trails that can be seen? Is that condensation? Not possible. So what is that stuff?

The most concerning thing about ‘chemtrails’ is not that they are happening. What is concerning is that they are in plain view everyday, and not many bother to take the time to look up and ask what in the hell it is. Also, the explanation given for them by those who should know what they really are makes no sense. Anyone with a basic understanding of the environment has to know that these trails are not engine condensation. If condensation from engines really worked this way, we wouldn’t be able to find our way to work in the winter, due to the thick cloud of exhaust condensation hanging around for hours on the roads. Sometimes I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I wasn’t born yesterday.

I’m not here crying bloody murder, “The sky is falling, oh no, we are all going to die!” sort of thing. But I am here to tell you all – the trails left lingering in the sky for hours is NOT condensation. What is it? I don’t know. Many people have theorized that this substance is some sort of aluminum mixed with other metal compounds to help reflect sunlight – geoengineering. People claim that tests have been performed on soil, in the air, etc. to prove some substance is being released by these planes, which is really moot in my opinion, since there are so many other things that can contribute to nasty chemicals everywhere. It’s all out there to read for yourself – no need for me to give examples and try to prove anything. All I know is that whatever they are leaving behind with these planes is NOT condensation, and the people wondering what this stuff is are not conspiracy theorists. I believe that it would be in all of our best interests to find out what it is.

I’ll include some photos that I’ve taken over the past couple of years. Click on a photo for the full-sized image.

Trails intersecting previous laid plumes.

This is what the trails turn into after an hour or so.

They were just goin’ crazy with the stuff on this day.

“I bet I can spray my stuff faster than you.”

This is clearly condensation – from ten planes that flew that close together directly over my house at 30,000 feet at the exact same time. Uh huh.


From a parking lot. Another mass-spray scene.

I do believe that I can confidently say that none of the photos above contain a natural forming cloud. Not one.  Let me know what you think.

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