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Particle physicist Dr. Justin Swanstor has no idea that his life is about to become a little less – ordinary.  He is disturbed but at the same time intrigued by the results of a recent experimental run at Exteron Labs while preparing for his first days as a physics professor at the local university.  Fearing a miscalculation or an overlooked chart, Justin confides in a colleague to verify his findings resulting in a focused project group for further research.  Working a late night with his newfound prodigy Amanda, Justin is summoned into a strange dream where he stumbles upon a most peculiar being. As his powers are fading, the being explains that humans are soon to be faced with defending themselves from perilous forces in the universe.  As Justin struggles to wake from the vivid dream, he is told that he must recover an ancient relic that has the ability to wield “The Essence”, a universal power source harnessed by an ancient race.  The strange and vivid dream forces Justin to focus upon his recent sleep deprivation and he again confides in his colleagues to help him decipher the occurrence.  Accepting the idea of a long overdue vacation at a sunny resort, Justin doesn’t realize that his getaway is simply a catalyst for events to come.

Available at as of 07/09/2013.  Coming soon to Barnes & Noble. Copyright ©2013 Matthew L Moses.

UPDATE:  This book has been unpublished due to lack of marketing and interest.  However, this entire series will be available once books two and three are complete.